Principles of Software Flow

Analysts Guess Badly and Apple Is Blamed

There are two groups of people: those that do stuff and those that make guesses.

If the people who do stuff make a mistake, it is their fault.

If the people who guess are wrong, it the the fault of the people who do stuff.

Apple said Tuesday it sold more than 17 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter ended Sept. 24, up from more than 14 million a year ago but lower than the 20 million or more that analysts had been expecting.

Are the city analysts able to conclude that their estimates were wrong?   Of course not:

Some analysts said the results shouldn’t be seen as too negative. “We don’t think this is a slowdown in [market] share gains, it’s a pause,” said Brian Marshall, an analyst ISI Group.


What bump in the road?  You’re estimates were wrong.  Do a better job next time!

My guess is that Wall Street ]will continue to be blind to their own mistakes, no matter how many people try to point them out.


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